Grainger and Hans

Very Good Illusionists

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Double Dynamite Magic
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The kings of Vegas

Magic Gods

From another era

(Disclaimer. No real claims of Kingship or Godship are made nor should be inferred from this publicity material and we can't stand on clouds either. It's just a trick. All rights reserved)

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We are The Old Men

And we were the greatest magicians in the world ever!

Back in it's heyday , Grainger and Hans brought the Las Vegas Strip to it's knees with the greatest maelstrom, extravaganza, tsunami of a magic show that the world will ever see.

But that was 1970 and when it closed in 1973 many feared the now legendary "Die Magik Kunst" show would never be seen again.

Yet after all these years, to celebrate Grainger's 87th birthday, the impossible dream has happened and the world's favourite magic duo are back..!

Yes they're back! See some of the best magic prancing around you will ever see.
Grainger and Hans...Old Men...Masters of Grand Illusion!

Live Fast Die Young!

"These guys are going to be massive. "

Nina Conti

"Great night in the Purple Cow, Edinburgh...Grandad magic...Yeah!"


"Hilarious night watching Grainger and Hans at the Soho Theatre...just the funniest"


"The greatest heterosexual magic show the world will ever see"


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